HomeRoom's SPEC Model: Aligning Community Outcomes with Business Objectives

Tim McDonald


Feb 28, 2023

Building a community is more than just creating a space for your audience to interact. It's about creating a space that aligns with business objectives while delivering value to its members. That's where HomeRoom's SPEC Model comes in. SPEC stands for Support, Product, Evangelists, and Connection, and it provides a roadmap for building a community that delivers on both business and community goals.


One of the primary objectives of any business is to reduce costs and increase revenue. A community can help achieve these goals by reducing support costs and providing quicker response times. A well-structured community can provide a platform for members to help each other, reducing the load on support staff. This, in turn, can reduce the costs of running support teams and increase customer retention rates.


Product innovation is another key business objective, and a community can help achieve this by delivering insights into what features the audience wants. Members of a community can provide feedback on what features they would like to see in a product, reducing the costs of market studies and engineers wasting resources on unwanted features. A community can also be a platform for developers to test solutions, reducing technical spending.


Marketing is a significant cost for any business, and a community can help reduce those costs by creating evangelists. An evangelist is a person who promotes a brand, product, or service beyond what is expected. A community can create an environment that fosters these types of individuals, who will promote the brand and its products to others. Increased streams of a musician’s music and engagement with a brand's content can translate to increased revenue.


Loyalty and increased connection are also goals a community can help achieve. A well-connected community can increase knowledge among members, leading to higher retention rates and sales. And by fostering a community that connects members and encourages them to help moderate, it can eventually become self-sustaining; reducing the workload on community managers and saving costs on additional support staff.

Leverage the HomeRoom SPEC Model for Your Community

Communities are a powerful tool for any business, but it's important to ensure that they align with business objectives. HomeRoom's SPEC Model provides a framework for creating a community that delivers value to its members while aligning with business objectives, whether it's reducing support costs or creating evangelists. So, if you're looking to build a community, consider using the HomeRoom SPEC Model to ensure that you're building a space that delivers both business and community value.